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Adult dance classes

Adult dance classes and workshops for professionals, trainees and hobbyists specialising in ballet, contemporary and improvisation. Run by Beatrice Ghezzi and Orley Quick in South and East London. Guest teachers are also invited to offer other styles or approaches. Experience Required.


What do we mean by 'Experience Required'?

We say ‘experience required’ as for us it is impossible to box the broad range of training and approaches of our participants into a one-worded level. Our classes can be quite fast-paced and challenging.  

BOTH is for you if one or more of the following applies:

 - You have ample experience in ballet and/or contemporary techniques

 - You know your body well through other physical practices e.g. other dance styles and yoga*

 - You have an excellent attitude to learning when being challenged and can work safely*

*We encourage people to have a try. If we think you are not quite ready for BOTH classes we may direct you to other classes at different levels to build a more concrete base. 

NB: we do offer some beginner classes in our weekly teaching elsewhere.


Who comes to BOTH?

Professional dancers, dancers in training, people returning to dance, musicians, actors, academics, students, interior designers, editors, fashion designers, scientists, lawyers, parents, travellers...

All of our participants, from a wide range of backgrounds and ages, share a love of dance, accessing our classes for different reasons.

As long as you know what you want from the classes we should be able to support you. Any uncertainties do ask us!


Hear from some of our students