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BOTH holds personal data for past and current attendees and people who have requested to join our mailing list in order to:


  • Communicate with our attendees and teachers

  • Manage attendance

  • Confirm receipt of payment received

  • Communicate with and promote our activities to attendees and those on our mailing list

  • To better serve our attendees in the classroom setting in terms of health and safety

We collect the minimum amount of data required for our purposes and we do not hold sensitive personal information, such as date of birth, bank details or credit card details. We do hold sensitive information concerning previous or current injuries or medical conditions that our attendees have felt important to inform us about.


BOTH will not use data collected for other purposes without your explicit consent. BOTH stores personal data securely, does not share it with third parties other than staff members and will not do so in the future without your explicit consent. We have never given or sold our client base information nor will we ever do so. 


On 25th May 2018 data protection regulations changed to give people more rights concerning their personal data held or used by organisations. You may have heard the new regulations referred to as GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation. In accordance with GDPR, BOTH will not hold any person’s data unless they have specifically agreed that we may do so. If you wish your details to be amended or removed from our system please let us know and we will do so. To clarify, what we hold is the registration form you have completed when you first visited our website or our classes.


Registration forms – online and hard copies - what is on the form:

  • Name

  • Telephone

  • Email

  • Injuries or conditions you wish us to be aware of to better assist you in the dance classes

  • Emergency contact details

  • Consent to not taking legal action should one injure oneself in class

  • Consent to take responsibility for lost property


Current and past clients

We hold the information about our clients as outlined on the registration form and we hold an attendance record for use by the teachers. This is stored securely and only current staff have access for work purposes.


Photographs and Videotapes

We also occasionally photograph or record small bits of classes for promotional purposes. The dancers are not named or tagged. This is the standard for most dance organisations . If you do not wish us to photograph or record you in our classes, please let us know at the start of class. If you have requested not to be included in footage and we make an error, please notify us immediately and we will remove it.


People who have contacted us to request information

We hold the name and email address and the query put forward and then will delete when concluded.


Data Protection and Privacy Policy - updated Sep. 2020

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