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Our classes take place in a range of studios.

Please be sure to check which one you need to go to.



6:30 - 9:30pm

Our once-a-month 3 hour training block draws from contemporary dance, ballet, improvisation and yoga. A unique opportunity to either have two teachers offering two separate styles or experience a co-taught evening. Choose a Thursday Blast to find out what’s on the menu that month. Led by in-house BOTH teachers Beatrice and Orley.

Click here to find out about Thursday Blasts History - How it all started.



Morning classes

Our weekly ballet and contemporary classes are offered in blocks of 4 to 6 sessions. Either pay-as-you-go or book the whole block for a discount. These classes are great for keeping your training going; having time to build on material; building technical training into your weekly routine and taking advantage of our supportive and intimate environment. Go to ‘BOOK A CLASS’ to find out what’s on offer.

*If BOTH are not hosting any weeklies that suit you, look out for the regular classes Beatrice and Orley teach elsewhere: Ballet4Life and CityLit.



2 to 3 days

10:00 am - 5:30 pm

Our 2/3 day intensives provide the ultimate immersive experience. Each day we offer a range of styles taught by BOTH teachers Beatrice and Orley as well as guest teachers. With technique classes, warm-up and stamina-based sessions, creative opportunities and other disciplines aside from dance, we offer options to join as little or as much as desired.

Click here to find out about the upcoming intensive.



4 to 5 hours

Our Workshops are an opportunity to research or explore choreographic, performative, theoretical or technical areas. They are 4 to 5 hours in length, allowing time to explore ideas in-depth. The thematic content will be unique to that day and at times a guest teacher will be invited in to share something from their practice. We always begin with a preparatory technique class.

Click here to find out about previous Workshops.

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